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Mega Man #4
MM 004 Cover
Publication Details

4 (Forth)


August 16, 2011


Archie Comics

Cover price

$2.99 (United States)

Production Staff

Ian Flynn

Cover Artist

Patrick "Spaz" Spazinate


Matt Herms


Patrick "Spaz" Spazinate


Gary Martin


John Workman


Matt Herms


Paul Kaminski

Archie Mega Man Issue 004 is the fourth issue of Mega Man comic series issued by Archie Comics. It is the forth and last part of the Let the Games Begin saga and it was released on August 16, 2011

Official Solicitation

This is it! Mega Man has reached Dr. Wily's stronghold, and now nothing stands between him and the madman! Except the Yellow Devil. And the Copy Robot. And the rebuilt Robot Masters. Good luck, Mega Man! Don't miss the finale to the first arc to this brand new series!


Let the Games Begin: Showdown Get!

Section UNDER CONSTRUCTION The issue opens with Mega Man's battle against the Yellow Devil. He begins to equip the Thunder Beam, but remembering the distress this caused in the previous issues, he instead elects to defeat the beast with his Mega Buster. To make things more difficult, Mega Man has lost communication with Dr. Light.

Mega Man pushes through and is able to defeat the monster. Finding a teleporter, he transports to another room. Unfortunately, he substantiates directly between the six Robot Masters he previously defeated. Everyone prepares to battle when Mega Man suddenly stops the fight to plead for a truce. Mega Man explains that their actions are only based on Dr. Wily's reprogramming and that they are going against their true purpose.

Half of the Robot Masters accept Mega Man's ideals and decide to go back peacefully, but the other half refuses to go against Dr. Wily's wishes. The Robot Masters, now divided, begin fighting one another, allowing Mega Man to escape unnoticed.

Mega Man reaches a new room where a device suddenly appears and traps him in a forcefield. Suddenly, a new robot appears, completely mimicking Mega Man's appearance and abilities. Even the Master Weapons are at the duplicate's disposal, matching every one of Mega Man's attacks perfectly. Fortunately, the robot cannot use the Magnet Beam, so Mega Man takes refuge high above.

Suddenly, all six Robot Masters bust into the room proclaiming that Dr. Wily commanded that destroy "a Mega Man." With a combination attack, the Robot Masters completely obliterate the duplicate Mega Man. Mega Man is confused, but his brothers reveal that they've all decided to go against Dr. Wily's orders. However, their reprogramming prevents them from actually attacking Dr. Wily directly, so they wish Mega Man the best of luck as he approaches his final battle.

Suddenly, Dr. Wily breaks into the room in a heavily armored fighting machine. Amidst the dust of the explosions, Mega Man climbs to the top of the room with his Magnet Beam platforms. With a surprise attack, Mega Man nails Dr. Wily with all six Master Weapons until his weapon energy is completely depleted.

Dr. Wily begins to taunt his opponent who appears to be retreating. However Mega Man uses the momentum to make a higher jump and blast Dr. Wily's machine directly with a charged Mega Buster shot. With Dr. Wily subdued, Mega Man drags him from the reckage. The Robot Masters appear, but much to Dr. Wily's surprise, they're no longer on his side.

The battle is finally over. Dr. Wily is under arrest, and the six Robot Masters are back to normal. Everyone begins to celebrate, unaware that they are being watched by two mysterious robots...

Short Circuits

With Dr. Wily at his Prison cell, Mega Man called their first adventure (which he is referring it to the Let the Games Begin Saga) a great one, although Dr. Wily said it wasn't. Mega Man then questions Dr. Light if there is more adventures they might have along the way and then he replied that there will be more adventures. As Dr. Light says "I'm sure we will," it goes to a screen with Bass, Proto Man, Rush, and Treble with Bass demanding them to show up on the comic.

Short Circuits 04


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