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Mega Man
Mega Man #030

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Mega Man #030
The Curse of Ra Moon - Part Two

MM 030 Cover
Regular Cover.

MM 030 Variant
"Shadow Man" Variant Cover.

Publication Details

30 (Thirtieth)


October 30, 2013


Archie Comics

Cover price

$2.99 (United States)

Production Staff

Ian Flynn

Cover Artist

Patrick Spaziante (Cover)


John Workman


Paul Kaminski

Archie Mega Man Issue 030, or shortly referred as Mega Man #30, is the thirtieth issue in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. It is the second chapter to the Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon story arc.

Official Solicitation

It's the ultimate rumble-in-the-jungle for the fate of the planet in "BLACKOUT: The Curse of Ra Moon" Part Two! Mega Man leads Cut Man, Guts Man and Bomb Man through the Amazon in a desperate attempt to save the world! But standing in their way are TWO sets of Dr. Wily?s Robot Masters! Things escalate even further when Break Man appears, but is he there to fight Mega Man—or to help? Featuring new cover art from PATRICK "SPAZ" SPAZIANTE and a special Capcom video game-inspired variant cover!


The Curse of Ra Moon - Part Two: Phases of Evil

MM 030 Brawl ON!

Mega Man and his friends versus half of the Wily Robot Masters.

Out in the Amazon Jungle at Earth in the year 20XX, a battle continues onward, as Rock "Mega Man" Light, Rush. Guts Man, Cut Man, and Bomb Man are brawling against four of the Wily Robot MastersFlash Man, Heat Man, Metal Man, and Bubble Man. Mega Man is being chased by Heat Man, and the Blue Bomber dives into the river stream nearby. After a close call from one of Metal Man's Metal Blade Master Weapons (courtesy of Cut Man using one of his Rolling Cutter Master Weapons being the target of the Metal Blade shot), Cut Man starts to speculate that Dr. Albert Wily was the caused of the worldwide blackout, but Rock does not believe it, as he knows Wily would not shut down machines like that. Rock decides to worry about that later, as he wants to save his dying sister, Roll Light before it's too late. And thus, Mega Man tries to convince Flash Man not to fight each other again. Flash Man then uses his Time Stopper Master Weapon, as Flash Man and the other Robot Masters have their orders to follow. Guts Man then comes up and punches Flash Man via Super Arm at ease. Bubble Man then "leap-frogs" on Bomb Man, as Bubble Man states that the fight is futile, and he partially mentions "Ra Moon". Suddenly, a Metal Blade nearly hits Bubble Man, and Metal Man, receiving said Metal Blade, calmly tells Bubble Man to not tell the heroes anything. Bomb Man then throws a Hyper Bomb Master Weapon at Metal Man, and Bomb Man calls Mega Man to copy Metal Man's power via Copy Chip. Mega Man acquires the Metal Blade Master Weapon, hits Metal Man with his own weapon, and damages Bubble Man to where Guts Man can punch Bubble Man down.

MM 030 Moving On

Mega Man and co. move onward, as the Wily Robot Masters regroup.

Mega Man then copies the Bubble Lead Master Weapon from Bubble Man and the Blue Bomber use the Bubble Lead to weaken Heat Man. Bomb Man grabs ahold of Flash Man, calling Cut Man to throw a Rolling Cutter at Flash Man, but Flash Man uses his Time Stopper to get away from upcoming projectiles. The Rolling Cutter Master Weapons hits Bomb Man, but Flash Man is stuck since Rush has bitten said Robot Master. Mega Man uses the Metal Blade Master Weapon along with Cut Man using the Rolling Cutter to both damage Flash Man and remove his blaster in which lets him use the Time Stopper. After the battle is over, Guts Man wants to destroy the Wily Robot Masters, but Mega Man states that the Wily Robot Masters are disabled enough to not be a threat. Mega Man then recalls how he didn't want to fight them the first go around. Cut Man then believes that the other four Wily Robot Masters might be out there waiting to destroy the heroes, but Mega Man then states that the four Wily Robot Masters that they just fought probably already contacted them the minute the fight began. Mega Man decides to be the bigger bot and show the four Robot Masters the heroes just fought some mercy. Flash Man berates Mega Man on how Dr. Thomas Light built a monster after Mega Man comment on showing mercy, but Mega Man tells Flash Man to shut up if [Flash Man] doesn't help the heroes out. Cut Man apologizes to Bomb Man about [Cut Man] hitting Bomb Man on accident, but Mega Man urges the others to come along, as Rock will find supplies and repair them. Mega Man mentions the weirdness of events occurring lately, such as the global blackout and the Wily Robot Masters returning alive once again, and the Blue Bomber wants the other heroes to come with him as he doesn't know what he'll be expecting later.


Wily shocked at who's there, but Break Man arrives with food.

Meanwhile, inside the temple of Ra Moon, Dr, Wily is startled by a noise, as the doctor whispers who is it. Break Man, who is actually Blues Light, comes in, telling Dr. Wily he can relax, and the Robot Master dumps a bunch of fruit onto a table. Wily then quickly eats the fruit like an animal, as he's sick of canned food. Break Man asks how the robot Wily is building coming along, but Wily corrects him, stating that the robot is Ra Thor and that Ra Thor will be completed within the next day or following. Wily then tells Break Man that [Wily] will have sweet vengeance as Ra Thor will destroy Ra Moon, the former being made of Ra Moon's technology. Break Man then butts in and tells Wily that Ra Moon may be beaten by Mega Man and his friends if Ra Thor isn't completed in time. Wily, shocked, questions Mega Man's and the other robots still functioning despite the field, and briefly (and somewhat) praises Dr. Light. Break Man then tells Wily that the Wily Robot Masters are still under control by Ra Moon, as four of the said Robot Masters attacked Mega Man and his friends earlier. Wily then comments that the Robot Masters only attacked to keep anyone out of the temple to get to [Wily], not to mention the Robot Masters all have a bone to pick with Mega Man. Wily states that he doesn't want to contact the Robot Masters just yet, for they are still under Ra Moon's control. Wily then commands Break Man to keep an eye on Mega Man and company and see what and who the Wily Robot Master are fighting for. Break Man goes out to do as Wily states, and Wily must now redouble his efforts on Ra Thor, as depending how things play along, Ra Thor might be their last chance for survival.

MM 030 Wood Epiphany

Wood Man realizes the dangers of the current events of their world.

Back outside, Mega Man contacts with Dr. Light while the other Robot Masters keep watch for enemies, excluding Bomb Man who is monitoring Rush's communication systems which allows Mega Man to contact others far away. Dr. Light asks the status on how Mega Man is doing, and Rock replies that they are at the edge of the temple that Dr. Pedro Astil told them earlier. Mega Man asks how everyone else is doing, and Dr. Light comments that Roll is stable, but not well. With the help of Plant Man, a Robot Master under Dr. Astil's control, more Robot Masters have been put back online and are currently helping citizens in need across the globe. To make matters worse, the coating Mega Man and the other Robot Masters used to come back online after the blackout will last not even days, possibly even hours. Dr. Light urges Mega Man to hurry along and stop this crisis before the world tears itself apart, nor can Roll be saved. Mega Man understands, and the heroes move onward to more ruins. Suddenly, a Crash Bomber lands right by the heroes and explodes within seconds. The heroes encounter Air Man, Crash Man, and Wood Man, three of the Wily Robot Masters. Mega Man questions the Robot Masters even fighting them, and he then switches to his Metal Blade Master Weapon and destroys the Leaf Shield Wood Man used. Mega Man and Wood Man then have a hands-on brawl, with Wood Man saying that they're protecting Wily and he then questions what Mega Man is talking about. The Blue Bomber then tells Wood Man that the electromagnetic-field that disabled all but any robots powered by Ra Moon is currently destroying their world little by little. Wood Man then comes to an epiphany that Wily was not the one behind the blackout after all and realizes that the Wily Robot Masters are making a huge mistake, thus they cease fire after Wood Man tells them to.

Short Circuits

Mega Man is ready to fight against Needle Man, but then he realizes that he is facing Spark Man instead, much to Mega Man's confusion. Mega Man is then seen facing Gemini Man, who gets very agitated when Mega Man calls him "Needle Man." Mega Man then searches around for Needle Man, even questioning said Robot Master purpose, which the Blue Bomber contemplates sewing. Right behind him, Needle Man, wearing a Mettaur helmet, is embarrassed at Mega Man's words.

MM 030 Short Circuits


  • Metal Man being defeated by Mega Man via the Metal Blade is actually the second time Metal Man was defeated by his own weapon, the first time being Mega Man #011. This is actually a reference to Mega Man 2, where if the player decides to face Metal Man the second time, the player can use the Metal Blade Master Weapon against Metal Man and it will be even more effective than any other Master Weapons in Mega Man 2.


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