Mega Buster
Mega Buster 01
Mega Man using the Mega Buster.
First appearance

Archie Mega Man Issue 1


To blast out energy at foes.

Mega Buster is Mega Man's exclusive weapon he can use to shoot out energy and even other Robot Masters weapons in the Mega Man (comic series).


Rock can use this weapon to shoot out energy to defeat foes. Although it is not a very powerful weapon, it can be incredibly powerful depending on the type of special power Mega Man has obtained from defeating Robot Masters.

List of Weapons

There are plenty of weapons that Rock can use via copying other Robot Masters' abilities, also known as the Master Weapons. The list is below. (Note: The weapons are listed in chronological order that they appeared in the comics, as well as the original user of the weapon. Also, this list is in order of when Mega Man used the special weapons, not the Robot Masters.)

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