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Quick Man, Mega Man #11
Quick Man
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Quick Man, from Mega Man #9.
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Quick Man, or known by his serial number DWN-012, is one of the Robot Masters created by Doctor Albert Wily in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. The equivalent of Elec Man in Wily's army, Quick Man first appeared in Mega Man #8, as one of the second wave of Robot Masters–Wood Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Metal Man, and Flash Man–that were sole purposely created to destroy Rock "Mega Man" Light.

Known to be the "fastest Robot Master", Quick Man has the ability to move very fast, which would be a basis for other Robot Masters, such as Turbo Man and Nitro Man, to come. His Master Weapon, the Quick Boomerang, allows him to throw boomerangs at his opponents at light speed.

Quick Man is essentially the leader of the second wave of Robot Masters, based on his actions and his appearances throughout the Mega Man comic series. He is also the most recurring Robot Master, excluding the original line of Robot Masters, in the Mega Man comic series.


Time Keeps Slipping

MM 08 Second Robot Masters

The second wave of Robot Masters stand ready and complete.

Quick Man was created after the events of both Let the Games Begin and Time Keeps Slipping. Dr. Albert Wily, furious for losing the original line of Robot Masters, decided to created his own line of Robot Masters that were made only to destroy Mega Man. Based off of the designs of Elec Man, Quick Man was completed in an unknown time period during the post-Time Keeps Slipping event at the currently-constructed-Wily Castle 2. Quick Man and his brothers–Wood Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Metal Man, and Flash Man–then had stand ready to take down Mega Man, but unbeknownst to any of the Robot Masters, Wily has another plan in store if all else fails. (MM #8)

The Return of Dr. Wily

MM 09 Quick Taunt

Quick Man taunting Mega Man.

Not long after the events of Time Keeps Slipping, Rock Light was about to retire his "Mega Man" days and continue to help his creator, Dr. Thomas Light, build more robots and Support Units if Dr. Wily would continue his evil schemes. Suddenly, Mega Man, Dr. Light, Roll Light, and Auto were quickly ambushed by Quick Man, in which the Robot Master gave a message about Dr. Wily's return to take over the world with his eight Robot Masters–Quick Man included–that would aim to destroy the city in six hours. Quick Man also stated that no one else but Mega Man will stop the Robot Masters, or else the Robot Masters will destroy the city prematurely. Quick Man then leaves the scene, giving Mega Man a location to find Quick Man in Titanium Park. (MM #9)

MM 10 Mega Faceplant

Quick Man holding down Mega Man.

Shortly, Quick Man then spies on Mega Man, who [Mega Man] is heading to North Gardens to fight Wood Man, before Quick Man is interrupted by Dr. Wily, who tells the Robot Master to get back to his position for [Wily's] plan. Unwillingly, Quick Man did so. However, right after Mega Man defeats both Wood Man and Bubble Man, Quick Man ambushes Mega Man again at the Waterfall Institute, this time transporting Mega Man to the Geothermal Plant (where Heat Man is located). Quick Man only did this to speed up the pace Mega Man is going, due to Quick Man's impatience. This then causes Mega Man and Quick Man to grow a rivalry throughout the course of Quick Man's ambushes. Mega Man would then continue his course on defeating the Robot Masters, in which he defeated, in chronological order, Heat Man, Crash Man, Air Man, and Metal Man. (MM #9, #10)

MM 11 Quick Betrayal

Quick Man killing Flash Man.

However, Mega Man then went to Flash Man's area only to get severely beaten by Flash Man, up until when Mega Man's helmet came off, in which Flash Man noticed Mega Man's hair and hesitated to defeat Mega Man, thinking of why Dr. Wily never gave Flash Man hair. Suddenly, Flash Man is ambushed and destroyed by Quick Man's Quick Boomerang attack. Quick Man then force-feeds Mega Man to drink an Energy Tank, which causes a state of confusion for Mega Man, in which he questions Quick Man's actions about killing his own "brother". However, Quick Man does not care, as he wants to face Mega Man to show who is more superior. Mega Man accepts Quick Man's challenge and the two begin to race to Quick Man's area. After Mega Man and Quick Man race to the Underground Lab, Quick Man is none of the less impressed at Mega Man for following him so fast. Mega Man then tells Quick Man not to be so cocky with his power, and then the two brawl in the lab. (MM #11)

MM 11 Quick Man Death

Mega Man defeating Quick Man.

Quick Man uses his Quick Boomerangs to take down Mega Man, but in no time, Mega Man avoids them, making the over-confident Quick Man nervous and confused. Mega Man then avoids every attack from Quick Man quickly, in which Quick Man becomes so agitated that he begins to taunt Mega Man that nothing can stop him. Mega Man then uses Flash Man's Master Weapon, the Time Stopper, to freeze time. With this, Mega Man charges his Mega Buster and fires at Quick Man, which then destroys the Robot Master. Mega Man would then absorb Quick Man's Master Weapon, the Quick Boomerangs, only for Mega Man to be transported to the newly-constructed Wily Castle 2, where Dr. Wily would then release his true endgame. (MM #11)

Spiritus Ex Machina

MM 14 Quick Revive

Ra Moon reviving Quick Man.

With Mega Man defeating Dr. Wily's endgame in hand, Dr. Wily escaped to the Amazon Jungle during the course of the Spiritus Ex Machina story arc, where he would confront the Lanfront Ruins and the dark secret inside the said ruins: Ra Moon. However, Ra Moon would quickly steal Dr. Wily's laptop and scan all of the details within it. This then causes Ra Moon to rebuild Dr. Wily's original line of Robot Masters, the first one being Quick Man. Quick Man was given the memory and same integrated chip data as he had during the The Return of Dr. Wily event, but the other Robot Masters with Quick Man's line had the same side-effects as Quick Man, as well. (MM #13, #14)

MM 16 Robot Army

Wily's army stand ready.

Quick Man and Heat Man where among with Dr. Wily when the scientist decided to explore the Lanfront Ruins deeper, where they found a mysterious robot that appeared to be offline. Of course, this robot and a next line of Robot Masters–that included Magnet Man, Needle Man, Snake Man, Top Man, Hard Man, Gemini Man, and Spark Man–where created by Ra Moon (with the exclusion of Shadow Man, in which he was simply revived). Quick Man was also with Magnet Man, Flash Man, and Shadow Man when they had found an offline-robot that Dr. Wily and Dr. Light had made years ago: Blues Light. Blues was then revived by Dr. Wily, and Blues had changed his name to Break Man to avoid any relation to his "past life". This then gave Dr. Wily a brilliant idea for his growing army, something that would involve both a birthday and a new "friend". (MM #14, #15, #16)

Worlds Collide

Main article: When Worlds Collide
WWC Villains Collide

Eggman and Wily discussing how they have so much in common.

While on patrol around the Amazon Jungle, Flash Man had found a blue mysterious emerald that he thought Dr. Wily could have used for something. However, Ra Moon mentioned the energy of the gem was powerful, giving a bit a curiosity to Wily as the scientist had scanned the gem. However, in another dimension, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik had decided to scan for his missing blue Chaos Emerald. Thus, Eggman and Wily had met each other, but Eggman berated Wily for stealing his Chaos Emerald and pirating his signal, while Wily declares that since he is the greatest evil genius on Earth, he should keep the emerald. This then made Eggman realize that Wily is from another dimension, and Eggman explained to Wily that both of their worlds are different dimensions, but have numerous similarities. This included a blue upstart that stops both of the scientist's plans. The two then realize that they both have numerous things in common, and that Dr. Eggman tells Dr. Wily to generate a new zone with the Chaos Emerald to have to two meet each other in person. (WC #1)

WWC Diabolical Army

Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman commanding their forces.

After Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily had met each other, they both reset their respective worlds with the Genesis Wave. Because of this, the world of Mega Man skipped years from its current timeline, resulting Dr. Wily to remember every Robot Master he's either built or modified from other doctors. Quick Man was among the many Robot Masters that Dr. Wily had revived, as Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman sent all of the Robot Masters (excluding the original Robot Masters) to take down Mega Man, Proto Man, Rush, and Sonic the Hedgehog with his friends. (WC #1, #8)

WWC Speed of Sound

Sonic being chased by several Robot Masters.

Quick Man had the most appearances out of any Robot Master in Worlds Collide, first appearing to race with Sonic along with Nitro Man, Turbo Man, Metal Man, Charge Man, and Slash Man. However, all of the Robot Masters were defeated thanks to Sonic's speed confusing the Robot Masters to hit and bump into each other. Quick Man would then appear again to try and run at Sonic while the hedgehog was taking down various Robot Masters (those include Bubble Man, Needle Man, Ring Man, Tomahawk Man, Search Man, Junk Man, Wave Man, Ground Man, Jewel Man, Strike Man, and Buster Rod G) and Quick Man faster than Quick Man can run. With Super Armor Mega Man restoring the timeline while Super Sonic distracted Eggman from stopping the heroes to restoring their worlds, Quick Man and the Robot Masters have no reconnection to these memories. (WC #9, #10, #11, #12)



Having a humanoid appearance like most of the Robot Masters in both his line and the original Robot Master line made by Dr. Light, Quick Man sports a red attire with a yellow V-shaped design on his helmet, which the V-shaped design is similar to Quick Man's Master Weapon, the Quick Boomerang. His chest plate has the same yellow V-shaped decor like his helmet, and Quick Man has a contraption on his right arm that allows him to launch his Quick Boomerang attacks. His pants and arms are black, as Quick Man could be wearing an underarmor suit under his regular appearance.


Quick Man is an impatient and arrogant Robot Master. He does not like to wait, judged from his appearance in Mega Man #10, as he quotes "I love to end this farce here, but I have my orders. I'm not supposed to fight you now, but I'm getting tired of waiting..." and then he teleports himself and Mega Man to the next Robot Master base, that being Heat Man's. Another example is when Quick Man kills Flash Man to speed the battle between Mega Man and Quick Man a little faster in Mega Man #11. Quick Man is also competitive and brags about his over-confidence. He seeks out strong opponents, the reason he wanted to take down Mega Man last. Quick Man loves all things that are fast, like racecars and a match between Sonic, but hates and berates all things that are slow, such as Mega Man and turtles.


StH 250 All-Out War

The difference between Sonic and Mega Man's speed.

As he name suggests, Quick Man is the fastest Robot Master in the Mega Man comic series. Other Robot Master designed to be fast such as Turbo Man and Nitro Man were inspired by Quick Man. Quick Man can run so fast that, in Mega Man #9, Quick Man had kicked Mega Man to a wall, threw two Quick Boomerangs at Mega Man, knock down Roll, pushed her to Dr. Light, and punch Auto before Auto can finish the sentence, "Hey! You can't do that to Mega Man!" Quick Man has an ability to run at an extremely fast rate, but his speed might not be as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog's, as shown as the fight between Worlds Collide #9. There is a remarkable scene in Worlds Collide #9 where Quick Man runs in chase Sonic what appears to be only a few steps, but Sonic is able to take down a whooping total of eleven Robot Masters at the exact same time as Quick Man is running to take down Sonic. It also appears that Quick Man has some strength, as he was planning to hit Mega Man in the head in Mega Man #11. However, such strength is unknown at this time due to it appearing briefly.

Quick Boomerang

Main article: Quick Boomerang
Quick Boomerang Quick Man

Quick Man using the Quick Boomerang attack.

Quick Man's Master Weapon, the Quick Boomerang, is the exclusive move used by Quick Man that are used to hit a nearby foe(s) and return back to the user. Mega Man can also use the Quick Boomerang attack, as it works the exact same way as how Quick Man uses the Quick Boomerang. When using the Quick Boomerang, Quick Man will get a boomerang from a contraption on his right arm and it launches towards the opponent. Other than his speed, Quick Boomerang is Quick Man's only attack.

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