Quotation1-1- You thought you had me, didn't you? Thought you could use me for my imitative genius? Well, guess what, you over-sized beach ball?! I'm using you right back! Behold! Your executioner, Ra Thor! Quotation2-1-
Doctor Wily, Mega Man #031
Ra Thor
Ra Thor
Ra Thor, from Mega Man #031.
Real-world designer(s)

Mike Cavallaro (MM #30, #031, #032)

Biographical overview

Dr. Albert Wily


Ra Moon (Technological Donor)

Physical description

Robot, Ra Moon-related species.

Ra Thor is a fictional character that appears in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. Created from the technology of Ra Moon, Ra Thor was built by Doctor Albert Wily as the "last resort" in case Rock "Mega Man" Light and his brothers, the Light Robot Masters, failed to destroy Ra Moon during the worldwide blackout. However, because Ra Thor was made from technology from Ra Moon, the latter used Ra Thor to destroy Mega Man and company rather than actually helping the heroes.


Blackout: Curse of Ra Moon

MM 030 Ra Thor

An uncompleted-Ra Thor at Wily's secondary laboratory.

Just right after the time-halting flash of white, Dr. Albert Wily, at the Amazon Jungle, specifically the Lanfront Ruins, was planning to activate an electromagnetic field that could potentially shut off all of technology on Earth. However, Ra Moon, who was the key to activating the wave, had decided to use the electromagnetic field for itself and caused a worldwide blackout. As Wily was essentially tossed aside by Ra Moon for now, Wily had ran to his secondary lab and had decided to stop this wave, thus setting stage for the creation of Ra Thor. After two weeks, give or take a few days later, Dr. Wily was able to created Ra Thor in his secondary lab out of the technological scrap from Ra Moon. But, after Blues "Proto Man" Light, known by his alias as Break Man, told Dr. Wily that Rock "Mega Man" Light, three of his brothersGuts Man, Cut Man, and Bomb Man–and Rush, along with the Wily Robot MastersQuick Man, Wood Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Metal Man, and Flash Man–were planning to subdue Ra Moon as well, Wily had then planned that in case all else fails, Ra Thor will finish the job and destroy Ra Moon. (MM #028, #029, #030)

MM 032 Ra Thor Dead

Break Man thrusting his shield on Ra Thor, causing the latter robot to fall down.

When the final battle against the Light Robot Masters, the Wily Robot Masters, and the Ra Moon Robot MastersShadow Man, Snake Man, Needle Man, Magnet Man, Top Man, Spark Man, Gemini Man, and Hard Man,–occurred, Dr. Wily came out in the open in front of Ra Moon and presented Ra Thor to Ra Moon. However, as Ra Thor approached Ra Moon, the latter took control of the former, since Ra Thor is made out of technological scrap from Ra Moon. With this, Ra Thor became another problem for the heroes. Although Mega Man's Mega Buster isn't doing the job to subdue Ra Thor, Break Man suggests to Mega Man on using copied Master Weapons via his Copy Chip. Rock decides to use the Bubble Lead Master Weapon to burn Ra Thor with concentrated acid, but this only stings the robot. So, Mega Man uses (in order) Spark Shot, Quick Boomerang, Metal Blade, and Needle Cannon to damage Ra Thor. However, when the Wily Robot Masters are shut off by Ra Moon, as well his friends and family are in danger if Rock is not successful, Mega Man goes on a berserk tantrum and throws in all of his weapon energy just to knock Ra Thor down. Ra Thor, however, was finally pushed down when Break Man thrusted his shield against Ra Thor. Whether the robot is destroyed is currently unknown, since it is never shown that Ra Thor was destroyed. (MM #031, #032)