Roll 01
Roll in Mega Man #002
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Alignment and character traits


Roll is one of Dr. Light's greatest creations in the Mega Man comic series.


A little girl considered to be Mega Man's sister, Roll is a robot girl with blonde hair. She has a green ribbon to tie her hair, and a red dress. Her eyes are blue.


Let the Games Begin

Time Keeps Slipping

After the events that happened from Issues #1-4, Roll was helping with other Robot Masters to fix the damage that was done. While Mega Man is doing the repairs, Roll's hair gets burned by Fire Man although Mega Mega didn't do it, she then report it to Dr. Light. While Dr. Light and Mega Man goes to the Prision to transport Dr. Wily to a Federal Prison, Roll begins to pick up groceries for the night and return to the Lab to relax. Within a few steps to the lab, Roll notices the oil in the doornob and turns around to find out that Oil Man is there and eventually taken her as hostage (MM #5). While she is in Dr. Wily's Lab, she then wonders who made Oil Man and also Time Man, in which Dr. Wily worked on them to make them as Mega Man's villans (MM #6). As Mega Man and a few others found Dr. Wily, Mega Man along with Federal Agent Krantz have to defeat the eight other re-programmed Robot Masters in order to fight back against Dr. Wily and free Roll. While they fight, Mega Man fights against the Robot Masters while Krantz frees Roll. After that happens, and after the defeat of Dr. Wily, Dr. Light announces that he needs more help to make robots that would help Roll, herself, along with Mega Man, although Roll wondered that they could be obsolete but Dr. Light says no since she and Mega Man are Dr. Lights "Children." (MM #8)

The Return of Dr. Wily

Spritus Ex Machina

Rock of Ages


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