Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow Profile
Shadow the Hedgehog, the ultimate lifeform.
Physical description




Color scheme

Black and red


Black, red and white




Rocket shoes and white gloves with golden ringed cuffs

Alignment and character traits


Shadow the Hedgehog is a black and red anthropomorphic hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. Known as Sonic the Hedgehog's dark counterpart, he appeared in the Worlds Collide event both as himself and as a Roboticized Master


Mega City Ambush

While under an investigation with Rouge the Bat, Shadow was caught by Copy Robot and was roboticized in the Wily Egg into Shadow Man thanks to Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman. Along with Tails Man, Rose Woman, and Knuckles Man, Shadow Man went to steal the cyan Chaos Emerald in the First National Bank in Mega City. The Roboticized Masters were almost successful on their mission until Proto Man caught them and decided to chase after them. Proto Man was out-numbered and nearly defeated by the Roboticized Masters until his brother, Mega Man, saved him. Mega Man then went after the four Roboticized Masters to get the gem back. However, Mega Man's plead to not fight was turned down immediately as all three of them excluding Shadow Man began to fight Mega Man.

Shadow Man then opened a Warp Ring to Green Hill Zone. The Roboticized Masters were able to enter inside, but Mega Man shot down Shadow Man and made the Roboticized Master unconscious in order for Mega Man to enter inside the Warp Ring. (MM #24, SU #51, MM #26)

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